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How to Make Money with Your Farm

How to Make Money with Your Farm

If you’re wondering how to make money with your farm, you’re not alone – figuring out what crops are in high demand in a given season and finding buyers for the things they grow is a difficult thingn for all farmers to do. If you want to be profitable and not just grow a barn full of stuff that you can’t find anyone to buy, then you’ve got to be smart. For starters, investing all of your land into a single crop is almost always a bad idea. Just like market investors with their portfolios, you will have a better chance of financial success if you diversify.

This could mean growing things you normally wouldn’t even consider, like mushrooms for instance. Mushrooms used in medicine, as well as those which find their way into gourmet recipes and high-priced restaurant dishes, can be a very lucrative crop for any farm. Many mushroom types will give you 2-3 crops a year, every 4 months or so, and some of these can sell for obscene amounts of money, like the truffles some people love so much. Compared to things like corn or tomatoes, mushrooms have very specific needs which must be met, so as always be sure to research before planting.

Another way to make money with your farm is to get out of the ground entirely. Not that you shouldn’t be taking advantage of your available land, not at all; but there are other ways for farmers to make money besides just growing things. For instance, honey and other bee products tend to command high prices, much like the mushrooms mentioned above. Installing several bee hives in a quiet corner of your property will give you a steady supply of honey, wax and other bee products, and on top of that you’ll have your own little fertilization crew working for you.

The truth is, some 90% of small farms make the majority of their income through activities besides the actual farming, at least here in the United States. That means you may want to open up your farm to the public, if you think there’s a way to make money out of it. This could be something as simple as renting out parcels of your land for campers to use, or opening a bed and breakfast and renting out empty rooms in your home to people who can afford to pay for them.

Breaking into as many markets as possible is key to making your farm a profitable one, regardless of its size. You could easily put together seed packages with dozens of seeds from a handful of different plants, then sell those through the Internet to avid gardeners and would-be farmers all over the world. This is a much better use for all those seeds left over at the end of every growing season than just throwing them out or using them for animal feed, plus you will increase the knowledge of your farm with every package you sell. Happy customers will lead to more customers, you know?

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