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Making Use of Cellar Space

Making Use of Cellar SpaceOn many farms, a storm cellar or root cellar exists where certain plants can be stored until they will be brought to market, where farmers can take cover and hide out during periods of inclement weather. Whatever you call the basement beneath your farm, the odds are good you aren’t maximizing the profit potential of that space. Making use of your cellar as more than just a means of storage can help your bottom line every month by increasing your income, but only if you know what to do; fortunately we’re here to offer up a few solid pointers on the topic.

When you think about a cellar, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s a dark, usually cold, often damp space that doesn’t seem too habitable. But those are exactly the kind of conditions that mushrooms love, which means you could start making better use of cellar space as soon as today if you build and install some growing boxes. You should have no shortage of organic matter to use as compost for feeding those fledgling shrooms, and because certain gourmet mushrooms like truffles are almost worth their weight in gold, it’s plain to see how this could quickly turn a profit for you.

Growing mushrooms takes some specific requirements, but thankfully it is easier to create an artificial environment when you are working in a smaller space, like a cellar. Mushrooms need now light conditions, so you’ll want some weaker growing lights, but you will still need to be able to see when doing other things in your cellar, like stashing crops. Light Bar Report is a great place to go for the general purpose lights thanks to their wide selection of LED bars that can be set up anywhere, but you’ll be better off doing some research and shopping somewhere else for the growing lights.

Even if you don’t use your cellar space for production, it should still serve a very important purpose for you and your family if natural disasters like tornadoes and other terrible weather are common in your area. Every storm cellar should be equipped with enough water to make 1 gallon for every family member for every day for a month, as well as enough food, medicine and other supplies to last around 30 days. These items can be swapped out and replaced as needed, but to save yourself some grief, go with lights that don’t go bad over time, like gas-filled bulbs. Click here for more information on LEDs.

We’re focusing on making use of your cellar here, but as a general rule, if you aren’t maximizing the production capacity of every inch of your farm, then you’re probably doing something wrong. Like practically all other small businesses, the vast majority of farms will cave within a few years of being established, and it will often be because younger, less experienced farmers did not get the most they possibly could out of the resources which were available to them. It’s up to you to figure out how to accomplish this, but we’ll sure try to help you.

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